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From Campus Trainings to Corporate Talent Acquisition 4388737147 Provides a single platform for Candidates & Recruiters.


At A&B, we do not train to gain, but we train so that our students can gain. We provide corporate level trainings to students for the purpose of talent acquisition


During the training period we will assess the students based on their performance and conduct weekly drills and mock interviews along with HR training.


If you know the meaning of Excrescence, you are already there. But if you want to know the meaning, we will help you to be there!!! Our training help you to learn and our placements help us to know, how well you learnt. From MNC’s to start-ups, everyone are waiting for you!!!

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We At A&B Provide a Wide Range of Leading Technologies Which Makes Companies Easy to Hire Their Talent Who Are Trained On New Tech Stack,So Lets Come And Join The Technology Revolution.



“"Thanks for your wonderful initiative. You are going to have many professionals' sincere thanks, if listed companies honestly induct independent directors also";


K Ramaiah, Secretary & correspondentPEC College

“Heartiest congratulations for your new initiative and for implementing an excellent idea that is the need of the hour. I am sure your new website would help promote better standards of corporate world in the country.”


John Doe, Senior UI Sp Lessons Director

This Can be you ...



Phases of Life, teach us how to face life, we believe in this and structured our programme accordingly.

Technical Trainings

Due to evolving nature of technology,IT training content is constantly updated and adapted to reflect current market.IT courses reside in a wide variety of curriculum areas, but they are not limited. Finally AandB is here to show YOU the right path.

Mock Interviews

As with every skill, talent, and expertise, the more you do it, the better you’ll be at it. Yes, the old saying is indeed true: Practice makes man perfect- particularly with job interviews. For best results, don’t go into an interview cold. A mock interview can help you formulate smart answers and show you where you are. AandB will conduct mock interviews for best and smart answers.


“Pretty good testing is easy to do but excellent testing is quite hard to do.” A great tester will learn what skills she/he needs to continue to be great, in their own style.” AandB will make you great and perfect.

HR Training

To win the marketplace, you must win the workplace. At every phase, students are equipped with multiple skills, which help them not to face but to conquer the corporate world. Interpersonal skills make the difference between adequate candidates and ideal candidates. AandB will groom the students as ideal candidates

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